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Educating and Empowering
Underprivileged Girls
Girls are one of the most powerful forces for change in the world.
Kathy Calvin, United Nations Foundation President & CEO
What's been going on with Ainiti
Currently at Ainiti we have been focusing on Art and literature because the students have found a great interest in these subjects. We have been giving them homework assignments to create their own stories and to work on new painting techniques because we saw how much they enjoyed the creativity.

We will also be adding a new English course that will teach the students English communication. We want to include this course because it will help with making the students communication even better. The new course is being organized now by Mrs. Indira and there will be a test course very soon! We are extremely excited about this opportunity!
About the Girls

After the computer courses and the studying the students like to get together and talk about hairstyling and doing their nails together. They have really been enjoying this as an after-class activity with their sisters and mothers! They love to share their experiences to other classmates when they see each other for their courses.

When we asked the students what goals they had for the future after being a part of the Ainiti program they said teaching! Some of the students even said that they wanted to be future Ainiti teachers! We were inspired by this and so excited to see how much they are truly gaining from the program.

Spotlight Girl
At first, she was an introvert but, as the time passed she realized she had a true passion for computers and learning! She has really taken advantage of the in class lectures and always tries to help a classmate in need. On the last day of class at Ainiti she was chosen as the best student out of all the students and was gifted a Tablet to help encourage her to grow and learn past her experiences with Ainti.

Devika Kailash Murti is 8 years old studying in Versova Welfare School. She is from Mumbai. Her favorite subject is Arts (specifically painting). She is very talented and is really passionate about computers, she wants to pursue Teaching as her career.

" Ainiti is such a wonderful place to be at, never in my life have I ever seen such a nice class room, such good ambience, comfort etc. Can’t thank Ainiti enough since Ainiti showed me the right path, and now I truly believe that even people like us have a chance to survive in this fast paced world. Thank you Ainiti and the owners of the Non Profit and all the other people associated with it. " -Devika Kailash Murti
Giving More
We have done our level best to provide the kids with things they really need and that includes stationaries (pens, pencils, erasers etc.) bag packs, lunch boxes and water bottles. Apart from our stationary pouch, a ration kit is provided to them at the end of every course. Help us give more to these young girls.
Support Ainiti
There are so many ways to show your support for Ainiti! When you shop online using AmazonSmile, a percentage of your purchase gets donated to Ainiti. Support us every time you shop!
Thank You for your Support
We are tremendously grateful for your support of Ainiti. Your generous donations have allowed us to grow, we have been able to bring more girls into the course and supply them with resources they need. You have not only helped change these young girls lives but helped us with our movement for a better inclusive world.

A heartfelt thank you to some of our donors this past July/August:

  • Carriane and Tony LoBlue
  • Allisen and Krupal Patel
About Ainiti
Growing up in Mumbai, India, Bernadine de Souza always watched a bevy of little girls from the local orphanage sing their hearts out at Sunday church service. Their hair neatly combed and in ribbons, they left an indelible mark on her. For Philip de Souza, education is a passion.
One of our students learning about Google Maps
Student who won MVP at Ainiti is gifted a Tablet!
Our students receive goodie bags after doing a good job!
Akbar Ali Sara
“Ainiti is movement, a movement of those people who want to bring gender equality and provide equal opportunities to girls. I am very proud of the fact that I am a part of Ainiti and I make sure to pass on every bit of knowledge that I have so that the kids have a bright future!”
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