Be the Change

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

Be the Change is a campaign that helps raise funds for Ainiti by collecting spare change. Join our campaign by requesting a change box to gather funds in your area.



    Many people consider spare change to have no use or little value. Unfortunately, this is similar to how females are perceived in various parts of the world. Ainiti is trying to change the value of coins by putting their worth into good use. Though coins may be small in value, when gathered together, they can help make a large impact.



    Ainti’s objective is to gather as many coins as possible from around the country in order to raise funds for our program. Ainiti efforts help bring computer education and learning to underprivileged girls in and around Mumbai. We provide them the opportunity to work with computers to better broaden their capabilities and dreams.



    “Take some time to give a dime!” Join this campaign to give back to the community on a global scale. Your change will help girls in India to break the prevalent male gender-bias and gain more self-confidence to achieve their dreams. Help empower these girls by donating your change in order to make a big difference in a small way!

    About Ainiti

    Ainiti is a nonprofit organization that helps educate underprivileged girls in areas where the need it greatest. Through the power of technology, Ainiti provides a computer education for these girls in order to empower them to achieve their highest potential and make their dreams a reality! For more information about Ainiti, visit the website.